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Used Motor Oil

Regularly scheduled pickups of used motor oil are transported to our storage facilities. The bulk oil is then loaded into large transport tankers to be taken to asphalt plants permitted to use waste oil as burner fuel.

Oil Filters

All crushed oil filters are invoiced to the customer and manifested into a steel mill. We deliver the filters directly to the steel mill as the final destination point for recycling. The smelted filters are processed into new steel products. The steel mills are licensed and approved by the EPA. Uncrushed oil filters are processed to separate the elements from the paper and both are recycled and used in the production of new products.


Our anti-freeze program operates similar to the oil filter program. All materials picked up are manifested. Used anti-freeze is stored at our facility and then shipped to a licensed recycling facility in Troy, IN.

Absorbents and Floor Dry

These materials are collected and transported to heating plants that are permitted to use this type of product to burn for energy.

Storage Facilities

Our waste oil storage is a complete new “State of the Art” facility. New vertical tanks on concrete pads with polyethylene lining under the concrete for contamination prevention surrounded by a dike.

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